**UPDATE** HCG Level Not Doubling


Hi ladies. So I’m on a bit of a wild ride with my pregnancy. I believe I am approximately 6 weeks and 3 days. On Monday, I had some heavy cramping and slight bleeding. It stopped by late Tuesday morning, but shook me up none the less. I called my OB and she ordered a blood test for my HCG. (We had done this early in this pregnancy as well, so I have those numbers too.)

When I got that first set back, I was 24,201. Then two days later, my labs came back at 34,010. The OB said it “increased a bit, but not as much as they like.” Now I am in this shitty limbo where they won’t order another blood test, and won’t get me in sooner than my first appointment on Halloween. Now I have to sit and stress about it all weekend and half the week. Here’s my HCG levels. Anyone have any positive outcomes from something like this? I have heard that HCG should be doubling every day, and clearly, in the most recent tests, it hasn’t. :(

Day after positive pregnancy test (October 5th, 2018): 46

October 9th: 234

Day after spotting and cramping (October 23rd): 24,201

October 25th: 34,010

**UPDATE** I am officially pregnant and baby is doing just fine. We had our first ultrasound at (what I thought) was 7 weeks 1 day. My OB’s office estimated around 8 weeks. We were all surprised when baby measured 6 weeks 5 days! She was concerned because it measured so much smaller than we all estimated so she wanted me to come back in 2 weeks for a repeat ultrasound to make sure baby was actually thriving. *cue nerves and high blood pressure.* That ultrasound was yesterday and baby measured 9 weeks 1 day, little heart just beating away, and Sticky was doing some dance moves for us. So basically, we just conceived later than we thought we did, as well as me catching the positive pregnancy test literally hours after I had enough HCG to detect. Thank you all for the support and kind words in your comments. It is appreciated.