Gabby • Mommy to baby Freyja 💕 and engaged to my best friend, African-American and Norwegian 😍

Hello everyone, I’m 35 weeks with my first child and throughout my whole pregnancy I’ve had fears. In the first trimester I was always worried I’d miscarry. Once I hit 24 weeks I was so happy because duh, viability. Now I’m 35 weeks and I’m literally counting down the day that she’s due but I get so much anxiety about losing my little girl. Ive had a healthy pregnancy thus far, my glucose tests came back great, and my blood pressure has been the best it’s ever been. But I’ve heard so many stories of women having healthy pregnancies but ending up with their babies being born still. My heart aches for those who have experienced that. Does anyone else have this fear? I just wish it was my daughters due date already. I just want her in my arms already. To make matters worse my baby is kinda lazy. She doesn’t move a lot throughout the day. She moves around the same time everyday but she’s not a constant mover like some other babies I’ve been told about. So when she goes through her chill periods it worries me. If any of y’all have had this anxiety, how’d you guys get over it, if you did get over it. I know that once she’s born I’m still gonna worry about many things like SIDS people trying to kiss her, and a plethora of other things that could happen as she grows up but for right now I wanna focus on not feeling anxious about losing my little darling.