Would you

I feel like such a bitch but I planned a nice getaway where me my boyfriend, our baby, sister and her mate would drive a few hours to a cabin on a lake. The cabin has 3 bedrooms and my boyfriend wants to bring his bestfriend and his girlfriend and the girlfriends 4 kids. The girlfriend has a baby not much older than mine and I just really wanted a relaxing day on the lake so I dont really want her to bring her 4 kids but my boyfriend thinks it's unfair that we can bring our baby but she can't bring her kids. Our baby is so super quiet and barely makes a peep. We rode on a plane for 8 hours and everyone said they didn't even realize she was on the plane cause she was so quiet and the pilot even complimented us.

Anyways, enough bragging, we're only staying a day but I'd rather them sit this one out..

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