TTC while not TTC with PCOS


I am trying to stay hopeful, positive and happy. Living with (PCOS). Even tho my husband and I been trying over a year and having to deal with all the questions, why are you giving him a child, when are you going to have a child, you lucky you still have a life, don’t wait to long to have kids etc. the list goes on.

Then reading post here and everywhere and persons saying stop tying and it will happen? How do u stop trying? Because even if I stop counting and doing baby’s dancing by the clock, once I am having sex at the end of that two weeks I will most def be expecting something.

Then AF comes and and the pain is horrid. How am I not to wish I was pregnant instead of feeling like my insides are going to fall out? Although my doctor said it’s the (PCOS) at a minimal now. I am still not pregnant and still in pain. Clomid and all.

Currently trying Pregnacare and Omega 369. Just to relax and not try to hard.

But it’s hard not TTC.