Bra/ boobs


So I’m 16, and pretty annoyed!!

I went to the shop today to shop for a bra my bra was way so small for me but I hadn’t took much notice of it until my mum pointed out I needed new ones so I thought I was a 34c but the woman at the shop told me I was I 34dd so I brought that bra took it home and tried it on.....


I came home and it didn’t fit/ to small so I measured my boobs myself and my bust was 44 inches and my back 34 inches so that on a bra website means i am a 36 FF witch annoys me cause now I have to not only find a shop that does that bra size but because it’s a big ish size I have to pay more than I was going to to get a bra that will fit. ☹️🙄

Not happy........

So does anyone know where I can get a nice bra my size but not at such a big price cause I’m 16 and I don’t wanna waste 36 pounds that I don’t have on one bra?