Holy shit! (Things got steamy!)

Holy crap guys 😂. Let me start this off by saying that I have only been with one other man physically but him and I split a few weeks ago. I had my first date with this guy I met back in May, and have recently developed feelings for. We watched Dark Shadows, he made me steak for dinner, and then we started on the live action Tarzan. About 30 minutes in we got a commercial break, and that is where it all began. At first it was a sweet kiss that turned into a hot makeout session, and next thing you know I'm being lifted off the couch and carried to the bedroom. We hit the bed and he started to grind down on me (which was hot as hell.) He then stopped to ask me if I was alright with what was happening and I let a kiss be the answer to that. He immediately stripped my pants off and started to rub at me through my underwear and then started to finger me while making out with me. He was moaning into the kiss and started to take off the rest of my clothes and took off his as well. After putting on a condom he tried to put it in, only for him to fall limp as soon as he went to enter me (he's also a little small, but I don't mind.) He became embarrassed, so I told him to lie down and went down on him. This man was a moaning like crazy! Grabbed onto my hair, bucked his hips, and then asked for us to go into 69 position. He continued to finger me while I went to town on him. Apparently I did so good that he lost focus and was left moaning and squeezing every part of me he could grab. He was moaning so much and sqeezing me tightly, and then tried to grasp every part of me he could when he finished. After, we cuddled and he started laughing. He asked how an innocent person like me could suddenly become so naughty 😅😂. We then showered together, which was filled with lots of hugging and laughter, and he kept going on about how suprised he was. I have never been with someone that was so vocal (only been with one man), but oh my god was it hot and I just really needed to share this with someone. 😂😍😍