12 week check up rant

Hello fellow plus sized mommies. Just wanted to share my experience today at my 12 week checkup.

Normally, since this isn’t my first check up, or first pregnancy, I am pretty familiar with what to expect. And the talk of managing my weight and trying not to gain too much. But mostly the focus would be on my pregnancy.

Not this time.

From the minute the doctor walked into the room she had this disappointed look on her face. She was very fixated with my weight from the start (my height is 5’5 and 232 pounds is my current weight) she asked what I was doing to keep my weight down and that it was perfectly fine for me to lose weight during this pregnancy

When it came time for me to ask any questions, I mentioned to her that I wanted to discuss permanent birth control and she said I wouldn’t not be a candidate for perm bc because I was overweight.

Next when she was going to check the babies heartbeat, she told me she was having a difficult time because I had too much fatty tissue and she probably wasn’t going to be able to get a good reading or good view, since she was doing this via ultrasound

When she was doing this, she didn’t discuss anything about the pregnancy or what was being seen on the ultrasound screen, but instead asked if I was interested in a gastric sleeve, and that it was much safer now and that it would def help speed up my weight loss.

Needless to say I was kinda shocked because I have always been big. This is not the first time I’ve been overweight and pregnant but it’s def the first time a provider suggested something like that to me during a prenatal visit.

Is this Normal? Has anyone else experienced this?