No gestational diabetes but insulin resistance?


Anyone have this experience? I took the three hour test.

Fasting: 87 (range: 60 - 99)

1 hr: 188 (60 - 179)

2 hr: 103 (60-154)

3 hr: 73 (60 - 139)

So as you can see, the first hour spiked, but after that I was well under the threshold.

I’m confused because they called me and said I don’t have gestational diabetes, but that I have a little bit of insulin resistance. Then I am sent a whole bunch of information titled “pregnancy with diabetes.” And they’re setting me up with a dietician for diabetes, even though they specifically said I don’t have diabetes.

I tried googling stuff but I kept getting info about having diabetes pre-pregnancy or PCOS. I have neither.

This is a little distressing for me.

Anyone have this experience? I’m confused by the use of titles here...