Question: Tiny streak of blood in baby’s poop

Samantha • 30 - Wife💍 - Melody🎀7/19/18 - Watson💙12/07/2020

My 16 week old daughter had a bowel movement this morning, and I noticed a very tiny tinge of blood in her poop. Her poop was also jelly like in consistency.

I googled it, and it said it can be normal, and could also be caused by a milk protein allergy?

She has been sensitive to dairy in the past, so I’ve been very careful with what I eat. But did have cheese and ice cream yesterday.

My question is, have any of you moms had this issue, and was it something you called the doctor about? Or should I just monitor her poop for the rest of the day? Im a FTM and this has never happened before, so made me a little worried. She isn’t running a fever and she seems like her usual self!