Toddler poop help


Yesterday (saturday) my son woke up with poop as he normally does. it was softer and a goldfish color. he typically has pebbly poop that’s in the brownish range for color. I really didn’t think anything of it, just thought maybe he had too much milk the day before at grandmas house. Around 9:30am he had another poop diaper that was liquid and mucus, and then another about 15 minutes later. I was doing things with my mom, so my grandma was watching him for me and i told her if he has one more within 30 min to call and i’ll take him in. fortunately he didn’t. instead of milk before his nap she gave him watered down pedialyte. she said about an hour after he woke up he had poop diaper but it was shortly after he woke up but it was on the softer side with mucus. he didn’t have another poop diaper until just before bed. i gave him milk before bed (his first bottle of milk in 24 hours) and when he woke up this morning(sunday) he had softer greenish poop with mucus. later on he had liquid poop and then after his nap he had mucus poop with a tiny amount of brown soft poop. shortly after dinner he had liquid poop again and then three hours later soft yellow poop with mucus. he is eating normally, actually more than what he usually does, and drinking water and pedialyte. he isn’t acting like there is anything wrong so i’m not sure what’s going on with him. i will be calling his pediatrician in the morning. p.s. i’m not sure it’s mucus in his poop i’m just assuming as it’s slimy texture.