Mental health facility? Is he faking?

I'm not someone who goes around saying people are faking something but in this scenario my close friend might be making something up. I'll just tell you.

My friend who I've known for almost 2 years told me he has some condition (wouldn't tell me the specific condition) and he was going to go to a mental health place possibly for rest of his life if treatment doesn't work. They gave him a privilege of having his cell phone, and we talked on the phone. He claimed he has a door from his room to the outside, and he has his car there. During the call he apparently went outside and went to his car, found some money, and went back into his room. That's where I'm getting a little doubt that it's real because I've never been nor heard of a mental health place that let's their patients have access to the outside let alone their car unsupervised. Not to mention he claims they are making him stay awake until 3am to test something out with his condition and are giving him energy drinks, he claimed there was 10 Rockstar energy drinks in his room at the time during the phone call. Again why would any mental health person give him energy drinks idk it's a little hard for me to believe he's in a mental health place and they're giving him energy drinks and letting him go outside any time he wants in supervised and can drive off the lot at any given time.