Am I in the wrong for this?

My older sister molested me for nine years when we were young, and she would tell me it was my fault it even started. She has always tried to be in a competition with me. She admits she's jealous of me to our mom, but I don't see why or why she has to be a bitch to me. She'll put down my appearance. She'll brag about how she has more likes than me on social media (like big deal 🙄). She'll brag about how all guys like her and put me down over it. She even disrespects my relationship by showing her actual ass a couple of times in front of my husband. He ignored her, and she claimed she had no ill intentions, but yeah right. She also always reminds my family that we are not her family. She says her friends can provide for her better financially, and they are her family. Being around her made my mental health so bad, I cut her off from my life after I tried to talk to her about this, and she blew up on me. She wouldn't stop being disrespectful. Now a month later she comes crying to my house saying she is all alone and homeless because her boyfriend has to spend a month in jail. Before this, he made $4,000 a month. His job is holding his position for him when he gets out. $4,000 is a lot where I live. Rent here is about $800 a month. She also had a job making near $1,000 every month, yet every month she comes to me crying saying she's out of money. She is an alcoholic, but she'll never admit to it, so she could of afforded a place if she didn't blow all of her and some of his money on hair, nails, and alcohol. I also wonder where her friends are since they can help her so much. Anyways, I wouldn't let her stay with me. She is toxic, and she refuses to change. She's been told all I want is for the behavior to stop and an apology, and she refuses. Am I wrong for this though?