Nudes πŸ‘…πŸ˜‹

Just A Female

Hey guys, nothing is wrong and I don’t. Need advice, but I have something on my mind I wanna share! So I will just share it here. So, I met someone online and got their Snapchat. We started talking, and eventually he asked for nudes. He asked nicely too, not demanding at all. He knew i was comfortable, so I just did it. Usually I feel so ugly and insecure about my body, but when I do this, I feel super sexy! He is super hot too. Idk, just when I send him something and he says how good I look, i guess it makes me feel so good. Is it weird that I think this is so fun? Like I’m not just doing it to please him, I am feeling good about myself also. I know it’s nothing too big, but I just felt like I wanted to tell someone about this!