How I lost my voice in like 5 minutes

It probably wasn’t smart, but it was only a few seconds. It’s below freezing outside like there’s ice on the road. I had clean clothes in my car because I did my laundry at my moms. I ran outside real quick like it took only a few seconds. I ran back inside and my throat and nose were burning like hell fire and my eyes were swollen and my nose was pouring and I couldn’t breathe. It felt like an allergy attack and I gargled salt water to help my throat and then jumped in the shower as I took Benadryl and like washed my eyes out with water and sat in the steam.

I’m fine now. But my voice is gone. Like I can barely talk. And this whole ordeal lasted like 5 minutes before I got in the shower. What the fuck. I’m allergic to the cold I guess.

Has this happened to anyone else