Was i wrong for this?

So my oldest sis and big sis were arguing, because my big sis just never do anything w our parents anymore. Never inviting them to places, or go see them.

Shes still holding on to the past, when they spanked her for skipping classes in 8th grade, and being on probation watch. Theyve talked to her many times, but she never cared. So they spanked her the 15th time, when the principal suggested putting a gps lock to her ankle. So ever since then, i guess shes just resenting them.

I had a talk w my oldest sis that my big sis, shouldnt be holding onto the past. That it isnt wise. I said about how she was emablarassed to be around me when we went to school together. How she said guys dont like or want skinny girls like me. And she said im not smart at all, im stupid. Useless, and she said i was easy when i dated my 1st bf ever who was 7yrs older than me. I said it hurted me a lot at that time, but i just let it go and forgave her.

I then said im only bringing it up to show that she shouldnt be holding onto the hurt, when she could hurt others too. And she sjould be forgiving.

I send it and then i regret it. Because i feel like im saying that she should be like me. What should i do? Sigh, i feel like im selfish.