37 weeks pregnant and very disgusted! 🤢

I’ve been staying at my moms house for a little over a week now because I’m to the point in my pregnancy where I just can’t lay flat on my bed not on my side or any position possible without being doubled over in bed crying So I’ve been sleeping on her reclining couch and well let’s start with this my sisters dad and our mom r not together at all he just lives here to help with my sister he has his own room and she has her own room well last night (when he was not home) my mom went into his room to get something out of the closet and notice a bottle of flea and tick spray on his tv stand and noticed a few days ago that he had an ant trap on his box spring she asked what it was for and he said he was being hit by ants but when she saw the spray she asked me to look in between the mattress and box spring while she lifted the mattress well I looked and ran out of the room screaming and she was like “what is it” and I said “mom he has fucking bed bugs!” For the past month or so my sister has been complaining about “bites” we inspected her bed at the time and nothing just assumed it was lotion she had been using or something cuz no one else was being bit except her and her dad well now we r like 99% sure she was getting bit by bed bugs today we made him give us the money so we could go to the store and get him a new mattress and box spring (with plastic covers for both and new pillows and sheets and such came back my mom and him vacuumed his whole room closet under the bed everywhere and made him put all of his clothes in trash bags till they could be washed thoroughly and dried (we live in Ohio where it’s currently 20 so he put the bags on the porch till they were all washed) and moved on to cleaning all other bedding and stuff I’m so scared now that I’m going to take them home with me HELP!