Need help getting healthy

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Hi everyone, 

So, I’m going to apologize for this being extremely long. My freshman year I was about 170. I was active in cheerleading and would work out a few times a week. I ended up quitting that my junior year because I got hired at Culver’s the food restaurant ( in case some of you don’t know what Culver’s is). I worked as many hours as I was allowed so that I could save money for a better car and college. As a perk of working there, you get a free meal every time you worked and free drinks during your shift. I worked there for almost 3 years constantly eating fried food, burgers, ice cream, and drinking soda. I weighed about 220 when I quit Culver's. In the beginning of August of last year I found out I was pregnant with my twins. I ate all the time because I was hungry literally EVERY HOUR OF THE DAY!  I  weighed 260 when I went in for my finally OB appointment before my c-section (back in March). I got down to 218 about 2 months after the twins were born (I was breastfeeding, not drinking soda, and eating semi healthy). After breastfeeding them for 2 months, my supply was no longer enough to feed them. I had to switch them to formula. I slowly started gaining weight back because I started drinking soda like it was going out of style and not eating healthy anymore. My husband and I have had some rough patches lately and I feel like I’ve been eating more to cope with it. I’m tired of looking in the mirror and hating the person I see. I went back to 250 pounds and I need helping getting to a healthy weight. I’m not sure how or where to get started. Please help ladies.