Clearblue advanced ovulation test?


This is my first cycle using Clearblue advanced ovulation tests (digital ones with flashing smiley and smiley face). I started yesterday as was supposed to by dates and got a negative (empty smiley). I did start later in the day as I didn’t sleep but an hour and needed to hold it for 4, so maybe this affected it. This morning I tested just now FMU (5.5 hours holding) and got a flashy smiley. It says to use FMU compared to others. Once the flashy smiley appears it stays until your LH peaks. I’ve just started using OPKs. This is my first round second test. My cheapie strips from Amazon have been delayed in the mail so I don’t have them to back these results up. After I got this test I saw a lot of people have false positives for weeks. And once it’s there it’s there. Anyone else use this brand? Guidance? I’m nervous it’s a false positive and I’m gonna miss it or get immaculate results. Is this normal? Should I buy ovulation strips from Target to use until mine from Amazon arrive? Walmart didn’t have any. As for body signs I’m getting a lot of wet cm starting since the middle of the night, which does come days before I assume I ovulate. And this test does detect both LH and estrogen to give more fertile days, so it could be accurate. First time and scared though. Thanks! 💗

Also, do I now have to test at 10:30 am daily with FMU since I did today? My schedule varies. I know it should be same time daily since it’s a computer, but is that better or FMU?