UTI fevers and chills


So like , I’ve had a UTI for about 11 days now .. I haven’t treated it because my mom is super forgetful and I have to be on her ass ... I now have a fever (102.2 degrees) and we called the doctors and said we should go to the ER .. but my mother gets mad at me whenever I get sick and she just doesn’t like me or something . It’s hurts because if we just got antibiotics earlier on, we wouldn’t be in this situation. But somehow it’s my fault ? She was giving me attitude and said to get ready ... she did not want to go , I understand it’s really expensive but WTH. She doesn’t have to act this way. I told her I can wait till we book to see my doctor , now I’m scared I’m gonna get worse because I spent all day in bed 😭 it hurts to move , I’m freezing, it hurts to pee , and I can’t eat because I threw up this morning .

Any home remedies? Sorry for the rant I needed to 😖😤