37 weeks, lacking movement


The baby has given me a couple of strong kicks throughout the day. Very far apart though but strong. Now tonight its just been light ones and once in awhile a strong one or not one for awhileeee. I know doctor told me two weeks ago that's shes already head down but i don't think that makes a difference. Yesterday her kicks were fine though, i know i was having a lot of watery milky discharge and lost a bunch of my mucus plug yesterday though. The discharge calmed down today and havent lost any more of my plug today, just been her feeling lazy. Is that normal? I have an appointment on Wednesday with my obgyn so ill definitely ask her about it but i just found it random she suddenly decided to be lazy today. She hasnt done that since i was 20 weeks, then she would have two or three days of superrrr laziness that freaked me out and ended up being nothing, just her own pattern.