Ex giving 2 year old beer ... how to approach in court.

I have court coming up, which was filed by my ex. He files it out of anger because sometimes I keep my child at arms length with my ex and other times I do not. But I’m the last I had caught him a couple time letting our son sip his beer. I don’t know how many times he has done it when I am not around but when my son sees a beer bottle he wants it. My concern is my ex had an addictive personality, both with alcohol and sex. I don’t want my child to grow up with that same addictive personality and starting this young.

He asked for child support to be decreased and said I don’t let him see our son. He does spend time with him and actually with all of us. He also at times doesn’t want our son when I offer because he is at some parties or at a bar , sometimes working one of his 3 jobs. One of his jobs is managing a bar so he usually drinks at work too.

Right now his parenting is supervised with me since we last broke up when he was born. But now he wants I guess something consistent. I’m not ready for that yet. I rather wait until he is a little older before it become consistent because then he may get our son into a bad habit too. I don’t know what to tell the courts without getting him into so much trouble either. He broke my heart but I still love him and want him to have a relationship with our son but not on his terms because I think he needs to get help with the drinking.

Any advice how I can approach this or things I could say to the judge to look.m more logical ?


everytime I talk to him to avoid court because I don’t want to be at war. He admits it was only a sip. But my argument is he can’t do it at all in front of him anymore because our son goes crazy over it.