He came all the way to Mexico for me! 😭


So I met my bf at a party

I had broken up with my ex 6 months before I met him. And i had told him I wasn’t ready for a relationship and that I was just going through a rough time. And he told he’d wait for me. He knew that I had plans to come study in Mexico and he was very supportive about it. So we started dating and going out but my mother Ofc she’d drop me off at a store and he’d go pick me up but she’d never want to see him.

She knew about him and I told her everything. She doesn’t like him because she thinks all men are trash and that all men cheat. Well he moved to Boston ( work related) for a few months when we were talking and she would always tell me “ he’s in Boston with other girls and he’s doing them” and she’d just put all these negative thoughts in my head. But I moved to Mexico because I just felt like I couldn’t stay in that house anymore. So 1 months after I moved to Mexico he decided he wanted to come meet my family. And my mom didn’t like him so we decided not to tell her ( my mom is in the US) so everything was fine and then I talked to my relatives and they said that it’d be best if I told my mom so I did end up telling her. She got so mad that I didn’t ask her for permission. And she didn’t talk to me for a whole week! But my bf came to visit me all the way to Mexico! And we had such an amazing time! I can’t believe I found someone that would do that for me 😭 he’s such a blessing he’s still willing to go talk to my mom to make her like him and I love him very much for that but I don’t think anything will change her mind. I wish she could just be happy that I’m happy but i guess not everything works out that way. But I’m very very happy with my mans and i guess one day she has to accept it.