One Thing I Learned From My Mom


One thing I will not do to my kids that my mom seems to unconsciously do to my sister and I all the time is make jabs at their bodies. I am by no means saying my mother is horrible, she’s quite the opposite, but making “light hearted” jabs isn’t appreciated.

I’m making dinner with a huge sweat shirt one and no bra because I’m home I want to be comfortable and I’m leaning over washing a pot and my mom so casually says “Big grandma titties swinging all over the place.” At this point I’m not even smiling and just said “I didn’t need my confidence slap down tonight, thanks.” And she just turns and continues saying whatever she’s saying to my brother.

I know my chest is huge I’m a 42 DDD and I know I’ve gained so much weight going from 140 to 200lbs and my chest isn’t as perky as it was and I haven’t even had children yet. I’m EXTREMELY insecure about it but I don’t need it thrown in my face at random moments.

And literally right now as I typing this she comes into the room and says no one heard her say it and I told her it doesn’t matter who heard it it’s the fact it was hurtful and she rolls her eyes saying she has the same thing going on with her body and rolls her eyes again and walks away saying god I’m so sensitive. No apology, no sympathy, nothing.

When I become a mother I will not let my children’s insecurities or issues be the butt of a joke. This is just fueling my fire to get the fuck out and get myself back to where I want.