Cup gone wrong

I FLIPPED out. I finally bought the cup and insertion was easy. When I went to do a 360 twist I was having a real hard time. I just decided, if I can’t get it right now I’ll try later. I decided to take it out, and I COULDN’T GET IT OUT. I of course start panicking, and was not having it. I spent like 30 minutes on this thing! I eventually had my husband come in the bathroom. He was digging all up in there, felt like I got fucked by a spiked dildo omg he was not gentle. He did get it out though!!!...45 minutes later. Turns out he was trying to grab the stem the whole time 🤦‍♀️. Not sure if I’ll try again because I am terrified and frankly I don’t like digging my fingers up in my vagina. It feels gross and I think I’m gonna break something 😂😂