What I did to get my BFP (I’m still in shock)

Kiki 🌼 • Mama of 2 healthy boys 🤍 (5 & 2)

Hi ladies! I’ve been ttc for my second for a few months now. I’m 13 dpo (Glow predicted AF due tomorrow), but mid day I just couldn’t wait any longer to test. I just knew that if I got a positive, I could run out and get a first response and surprise my husband when he got home, and if it was negative I’d be grabbing a bottle of wine ASAP. So after holding my urine for only 3 hours, while drinking tea, I got my positive. Like, is that not dark y’all!?! ♥️

Is this really real!?!?!

Things we did:

- I’ve been taking folic, and then a pre-natal for probably 6+ months now

- we used pre-seed this month for the first time instead of our typical lube (I didn’t insert it in me though, I just used it like we would normally use lube)

- we BD’d every other day in my fertile window, and then the day of ovulation and the day after (we missed the day before ovulation).

- orgasmed every time (with a vibe, let’s be honest)

- I laid in bed with a pillow under my bum for 20-30 mins after BD’ing (didn’t put my legs up or anything).

Symptoms I’ve been feeling during the tww:

- cramping almost every day, with twinges in my right side for the last 2

- acne break outs (in my T zone)

- super emotional at times (cried in my car because I couldn’t find parking and missed the Santa Claus parade).

- moody and irritable - snapped at my husband a few times (all of these symptoms led me to believe AF was coming, but she wasn’t! So all of you ladies that feel like you “usually do” before AF comes, don’t lose hope! Cos that was ME).

I still can’t believe something so little is growing inside me at this very minute. Praying for each and every one of you ladies and sending you all so much baby dust!

Please pray for a healthy sticky bean for me! Xoxo