Having Sex at 17

Alright so I’m 17 and there im currently in s situation. I’m now a senior in HighSchool and when I was a Freshman I met this Junior and we started a friends with benefits type of relationship. We never had sex but we do oral. I’ve only had sex with one boy that I lost my virginity to. My guy with benefits Started as nothing serious at first until recently he started telling me his feelings and saying he loved me and calling me baby and we would fall asleep otp every night. I absolutely loved it because I liked him and I felt like he was the one for me. Then, my friend reconnected me with my middle school crush and we began talking and instantly it was like we hit it off...the chemistry was soo good we could talk and communicate with each other with so much ease and it felt like there had been no time lost. Me and the new guy have been talking since the end of September and and the more I have been talking to him the less I have been talking to the old one and the reason for that is because he makes me feel a way the old guy never made me feel. He seems to be genuinely interested in wanting to know about me and not just what I can offer him. He offers to pay for my food and buy me food and Uber me places and he is always making me laugh but Ofc like any relationship we have our moments. Recently he has been hinting about sex and making jokes about it but every time I ask him him to elaborate he says he doesn’t want to say anything that makes me feel uncomfortable because he has respect for me. So, instead we kind of beat around the bush and don’t really talk about it. I have been feeling him more and more lately and I’ve been taking his comments seriously and I am really considering having sex with him because he is such a sweet guy and our connection is beautiful and he makes my heart just beat out of my chest. I like him so much and I’m interested to see where we could take this relationship a step further. Should I do it? Or should I wait?