I was 100% sure I wasn’t pregnant


Hey mamas!

I’ve been tracking my period religiously since It returned march 2017 when my youngest daughter was 1.5.

We make sure to only have unprotected sex in the couple days after my period and then the couple days right before It begins. No problems. For almost two years we have been doing that. Some times we slip up in the middle and ive taken plan B or been really worried and tested. Nope. Good to go.

This last period began October 30 and ended on November 5th. Like clock work. On November 8th, we had unprotected sex.

And then we literally did not have sex even one more time all of November. Busy working parents of 3.

When my period didn’t come on November 30th, I wasn’t concerned. When It was 5 days late, I wasn’t concerned. Because I literally couldn’t be pregnant. Right?

Well, my friend urged me to test and while at an assembly at my oldest daughters school, I went to the bathroom and tested. I got my BFP on an elementary sized toilet.

What the f!!!

We were not expecting this and though I’m ecstatic, i just can’t believe I got pregnant 3 days after my period ended !!!

Conception date says August 1st due date.

First day of last period says EDD is August 6th.

I just registered for a midwife as I do not want to deal with the OBGYN again.

Also, that positive line was there before the control line even showed up!! Haha!!!