Oh Girl !


Can anyone post their symptoms of when they were pregnant with their baby girl ?

This pregnancy is totally diff and I’m confused . With my son I had bad acne and morning , evening and night sickness . All I could really eat was POTATOES ( fried , baked , mashed ) lol and ice ! No prenatal vitamins he hated them , nothing !! Lol other than that my mood was fine I was happy and anxious for my now little monster to be here . Best gift ever !

How ever this baby , I’ve been soooo moody , and eating chocolate like a friggin depressed college student ! Lol and I HATE CHOCOLATE , yes I can not stand it so when I send my husband to the store for it he looks at me all crazy and then POW , here comes mrs. angry ! Lmao , I’d like feed back for both babies cause I know everyone is different during this special moment ! So , post your differences between boy and girl 🥰 . Thanks loves