Please pray

Please pray that my mom will be ok. Please pray that she won’t die or have heart attack or a stroke or a mental breakdown. Please she will feel better and have more energy. Please she will be leased stressed. Please my brother will stop being so mean. Please he won’t freak out when we tell him that the house inspection has to be tomorrow. Please he will be nice. Please he won’t hurt my mom or me or this house. Please he won’t make a scene. Please I’m scared. My mom is scared. I can’t loose her. Please everything will be ok. Please we can clean a lot today. Please my mom won’t get overtired. Please the inspection won’t yake longer then an hour. Please they will cancel the inspection tomorrow and make it next week. Please I’m so scared how my brother is going to be. Please it won’t be a big deal. Please I can make it to my final. Please even if I don’t go to

The final I will get an A. Please pray that my moms health will be ok. Amen