Pcos problems


Hello ladies has anyone ever felt as if your body is attacking itself..sounds weird..i know! but lately I been having really bad Dandruff & I can't seem to find anything that helps & its starting to get so bad that i have like a white patch forming around my hairline😞 Im also still dealing with really bad dark spots that are spreading all over my chest, face, Neck & between my breast ...

it's really embarrassing because I feel like I'm dirty all the time but I promise I do take care of myself (hygeine) & on top of that my period has been really heavy the last couple cycles & I don't know what's going on nor do I know we're to start or how to get my hormones regulated!!! I'm just so fustrated y'all... seems like it's one thing after another but I'm trying my best to stay positive through all of this😊

If any of you experience this feel free to comment i can use some advice

thanks ❤️