Slef inducing at home, I need help

Emily • Momma to Miss Emma!

Before anyone jumps down my throat, I'm not trying to go into labor because I'm "miserable" or "tired of being pregnant" or because it is an inconvenience to me.... I have a bleeding disorder that puts me at an increased risk for hemorrhage after week 39. They told me yesterday that if I don't go into natural labor on my own by 39 weeks, their recommendation for my safety is to induce. I really don't want this but I'll do what is best for my baby.

With that being said, they said if I go naturally BEFORE then that they wouldnt do anything to stop it because I'm 35 weeks now and she is already ahead of the game developmentally and would be fine.

What are some things that you other moms tried toward the end of your pregnancy that assisted in cervical ripening and prepping for labor? I've been bouncing on my ball and walking and I drink red raspberry leaf tea but at this point that is all I'm doing. Next week when I hit 36 weeks I'd like to be a bit more aggressive with other methods if possible.

Drop your ideas below!