Do you think this is a good way to stand up for myself w my mother in law. She’s highly manipulative, controlling etc. my idea of what to say is this: I know you only mean well but some things are private between mike and I like our finances and our

Decision to have or not

Have a baby.

I really enjoy spending time w you and he rest of the family. I hope we can respect eachothers boundaries and continue to have a good relationship.

Basically she’s been trying to get us to not have a baby by directly telling me how unfit I am to be a parent etc and she’s been asking what my finances are.

My husband won’t say anything to her to try to fix the situation.

It’s all on me to say something or let the situation get so bad we could potentially have to move away:

My husband thinks basically I should

Roll w the punches no matter

What she says or does.

Swallowing anything is like to

Say has created a lot of anger in my life. And obviously the relationship is not

Getting any better if I don’t tell

Her what’s wrong w it.

What do pl say

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