Why is TTC so confusing???


So I posted a few days ago and came to the conclusion that I got my flaming positive on the 8th (CD 18), so I likely ovulated on the 9th (didn't temp on the 10th or 11th πŸ˜”). My app even shows my ovulation as the 9th (CD 20). DH and I BD on CD 16, 17, 20, and 21. CD 21-23 has been flashing a smiley face from CD 15 through 24 - notice it was even flashing when I got my flaming positive with my non digital opk. I appeared to be negative on CD 24, but it was still flashing. My husband is in business, so I came home on CD 21 (of course with fresh baby batter πŸ˜‰). I started to notice the super thin and stretchy, clear (ewcm?) cervical mucus on CD 22 through 24. I started to wonder if I was ovulating soon. Then I felt cramps yesterday (CD24) in my left lower pelvic area. More like twitches. Here I am on CD 25 with a solid smiley face for the first time. My temp is 96.93 today when it has mainly been over 97 the entire time. If I truly didn't ovulate and will likely ovulate tomorrow (CD 26), sperm from CD 21 will not suffice, right? I should take a trip to see hubby tonight, right? Ugh! Baby making with your baking partner away sucks!