Our blessing of a birth story ♥️

Chelsey • 27, Happily Married, Baby Boy born 12.13.18 👶🏻💙

Our baby’s due date was December 16th. We had our weekly checkup on the 11th and our doctor offered to induce us on the 13th if we were ready. We debated it for some time, because we were so close to our due date, and wanted to wait it out and let him come when he was ready. In the end we decided to go ahead with the induction because it guaranteed our doctor, and it helped my husband plan his work schedule.

We checked in at 7am and began induction at 8am. The process was slow moving and the baby began to show signs of stress, he hated the oxytocin. My doctor broke my water and nearly nothing came out. Around 6pm our doctor decided something was wrong and it was time for a C-Section.

Once in surgery, our doctor realized that there was next to no amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck, some of the baby’s poop had backed up into the umbilical cord, and his head was positioned sideways on my pelvis, preventing him from moving down.

We worried that all of these problems were our fault for rushing him out and inducing him 3 days early. Our doctor reassured us the exact opposite and said that if we had waited labor would not have progressed naturally due to the complications, and our baby likely would not have survived another week in utero.

Thank you god for convincing us to be induced early and for our precious healthy baby boy ♥️

Terrence James O’Brien III (Tj) born on 12/13/18 at 7:12pm weighing 5lbs 13oz and 20 inches long. We love you so much ♥️