UPDATE my bf is ignoring dr’s orders

anonymous hoe

my boyfriend is constantly drinking soda, one or two a day, which normally isn’t that bad but he has chronic kidney stones! several doctors have instructed him to stay away from soda all together because his stones are so bad but he doesn’t listen. I don’t want to be controlling of him but I am trying to help him be healthy and not go through the pain again that he has gone through with his kidney stones, so I take the soda away. i’ve thrown away a lot, taken it from him in the middle of drinking it. he gets upset but he’s making stupid decisions. he even sneaks it when i’m asleep or not home and he will order it at restaurants knowing that I wont say anything cause I don’t want to embarrass either of us in public. am I wrong to be keeping him from all the soda or should I continue pushing him to follow doctors orders? my dad says I should just let him do what he wants and he’ll eventually learn by suffering the consequences but I don’t want to see him in pain. also he’s terribly afraid of doctors, the hospital, and needles so suffering the consequences means I have to FORCE him to seek medical help which is very hard to do, i practically have to drag him and he fights hard. the doctors have to restrain him to be able to do any exams or treat him, hence why i’d rather take the soda away than let him suffer the consequences. UGH IM FRUSTRATED WHAT DO I DO!?


okay I just wanted to be clear that his behavior doesn’t only effect his health negatively it effects me as well. when his kidney stones act up and he can barely move I have to drop everything to care for him and i’ve almost lost my job because of it. I missed an entire week and half of work back in september because his kidneys got blocked off by his stones and he got a terrible infection that rendered him completely incapable of caring for himself. so i’m looking out for his health and myself because I cannot afford to continuously skip out on work when he allows himself to make terrible choices that make him sick. I know I can’t force him to do anything but it’s hard not to be firm with him when it ends up effecting me as well. also thank you all for your input, i’m definitely showing him this so he can see that i’m not the only one who thinks he’s being dumb!