Long post sorry

Lol I told the father i was pregnant at first he was skeptical then we talked about it and im not sure who has worse mood swings me or him 🤣😂 pretty sure its me though. He got real overprotective of mine and the baby's health kept telling me to stop stressing even though I wasn't. Then he laid on my stomach a little and was like "ooh I can hear it it said daddy". I said 🤣😂 shut up no it didn't cus it can't talk. I was scared to tell him at first because of where I had sex with someone before him and thought possibly it could be his but when I went to check my <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">period calendar</a> I realized one that me and the other guy used a condom, two we did it a day after my period ended and 3 the baby's father and I did it exactly two days before my expected ovulation. I'm glad me and the guy get along so well because if not this would suck. I did realize one thing 😂 baby don't like daddy that much cus daddy smokes. I only say that because when he was over here i got so nauseous *mind you I've been around people who smoke during this pregnancy and my morning sickness never got as bad* I threw up. Then I felt like I was going to "black out" at one point for no reason 😂 like the baby was trying to come through. I even told him I almost snapped on you for no reason at all but it didn't feel like me. Sounds crazy. But I honestly think already this baby is trying to protect it's self from outside harm. Recently said I can't eat chicken and then I looked something out come to find out certain parts of the chicken can cause a miscarriage *parts I like to eat at that*.