My MIL hates me. UPDATE

From day one, when my husband and I were just friends she obviously didnt like me. I tried everything to bond with her all the way up to now.

When we moved in together, she assumed vocally that I was trying to use him to pay my bills.

When we got engaged, she wouldnt accept it. At my birthday she told the waitor I was his "little girlfriend". She offered to do the honeymoon, but when we didnt want a vegas wedding, she called the whole thing a joke and threatened to take the honeymoon away and not come to the wedding.

Closer to the wedding date, she told my husband he was either going to end up divorced or committing suicide.

At my birthday yesterday, she spent the whole night on her phone, and whispering to my husband about how no one was including her and how my parents had bad manners. Then she brought up his ex and said "ive always liked her".

Today I see this post on Facebook.

Y'all I cant take this anymore. We all know she posted about me and my family. We all know she hates me and my family. We all know she thinks shes better than us.

I just dont even know who to talk to about this which is why I'm ranting on here.

UPDATE: my mom posted this in retaliation 😂

My MIL deleted all of us on Facebook. I asked my sister in law because her husband went through the same thing with Deb. She told me that I should stick up for myself. If my husband does it, his mother will just get more angry.

So next time she says something she better hope I dont hear it or catch he whispering in my husbands ear like she did at my birthday. All hell will break loose.