Dear alcoholic fiancé 💔

Christine • Positivity is the key to happiness 🗝 🖤 STAY HUMBLE 🖤

Thank you for finally choosing our relationship over your addiction with alcohol. Thank you for finally taking all the blame and making sure I knew you were sorry this time. Thank you for finally choosing our future and not the bottle. I know it will take a while for us to get back to”normal” but I no longer live in fear.. it’s only been a week but I feel so relieved. I can’t finally trust you and know that you’re not out drinking with your best friend. I know you’re making better choices for us and not putting the blame on me anymore. Thank you for making it a point to show me you finally mean what you say. The past few years have been a rollercoaster and every time I think of when I was lonely, depressed or questioning us I Always remember a drink in your hand. Thank you for finally putting an end to mornings where I have to explain to you everything you did and said to me the night before cause you drank too much and blacked out. I will never forget those nights and especially the mornings after where I have to relive it again. Thank you for telling me why you love making and not why you hate me when you’re drunk.. I can finally move on from the hurtful things you’ve said to me that you didn’t mean or didn’t even know why you said it.. I’m finally free from feeling like I’m battling you’re addiction too. I can finally trust you and not wonder where you’re at if you come home later than expected. I can finally let you be yourself and not feel like I have to control you whenever you drink cause I’m scared of who you will become. Ex-alcoholic Fiancé, thank you for putting our future first this time and proving that you want me.

I love you and I always will

Love, C ❤️