Hello girls, so I had an ex that I dated for about 6 months and it was really hard thorough out the relationship so we ended up staying friends (and occasionally sleeping together) before he got deployed a month ago. We are really rocky even know and it seems like even as a friend it’s hard to talk to him. We ended up breaking up because he didn’t know how long he would be deployed and decided that I wouldn’t want to wait without talking to me.

Before he left, he said that he still had feelings for me but now that’s he’s gone whenever he’s on his phone he doesn’t even send a hi. It’s only me staying up or saying hi or anything of a effort.

Last night, I ended up sleeping with his best friend (we didn’t go all the way)! It wasn’t intentional but it did end up happening. I don’t know if I should cut it off or keep it going.

I am thinking of just letting it be a one time thing and if in the future it happens differently then that’s different!