šŸ˜”Relationship Rant

Ok this is gonna be a long story so get ready

So I am pretty young and havenā€™t had a whole lot of dating experience. Iā€™ve had 2 girls friends and was on to my first boyfriend. Things were fine, we had been together 1 months (longest relationship Iā€™ve had) and he broke up with me because he was so busy and felt like he didnā€™t have time for us which made sense and I understand. Of course I was still upset because i still liked him. Then later that week he faced timed me like we always do. I was confused but picked up and we just talked and then the conversation turned topics. While we were together as a couple we would FaceTime and things would get steamy. We would both remove cloths and then he would end off jerking off in the shower. He would end up naked and I would end up in a bra and under wear. So now that we broke up I assumed like anyone would that it was over. But that day things started turning steamy and I reminded him that we werenā€™t together. But we ended up doing the same thing we always do. And we have continued doing this for a month. Even though we arenā€™t together we sexually FaceTime like we did when we were together. We call it a ā€œfriends with benefits thingā€ He thinks itā€™s fine. And at first I was fine with it but now Iā€™m having second thoughts. When he broke up with me he said we should go on a break till February when his schedule calms down. But Iā€™m not sure if he actually means it. I feel like this is the only way to keep him close. I know he cares about me but am I just a fuck toy he uses to cum. Is this not a good situation or is it ok??? Someone help.