I need an explanation

I was in situations with different guys (not at once) while I was single for a six month period. My bf of a long while and I had split do to complications on both ends in which we decided to take a break. Anyway like I said I put myself out there to make new friends. Sometimes the “friends” I made didn’t want what normal friends did. I never had sec with any of them but they did kiss me and touch me. In my head I didn’t want any of those things, but I never said it out loud. This happened with every guy that I had encountered. One time a guy would leave my dorm until I performed oral on him. (He had done that to me but I never asked for it to happen nor did I say no, but in my head I never wanted it.) Another time I fell asleep in their car ( I didn’t feel good while on the way back to my hall to be dropped off ) and he started kissing me. ( I remember wanting to cry bc this guy had been the first to not display he wanted me in that way but ruined it with this action. I never said no.) things like this are only a couple of what transpired with different guys in that period of time. I just want to know if it’s my fault ? Does this count as me being assaulted ? I’ve tried to unpack every situation for months and months and I still don’t know what to label my experiences. They make me sad and are on replay in my head from time to time. I often have bad dreams about them. I’d like an outside opinion. I’ve only told my bf( the one I mentioned at the beginning. We worked things out and are back together. It’s been a year ish since alll of this transpired.)