Pregnancy?? Please help?


Okay so me and my boyfriend had sex for the first time, without protection..,, about 3 minutes later I asked him to stop, and of course he did, because I knew we shouldn’t be doing like that. He was completely fine with that. That happened about, 3 weeks ago? Maybe a bit longer it was the 12th, my period ended two days before that and it started on the 5/6th, I’ve been constantly anxious about this. I’m not on any type of birth control, and I’ve been doing intense “research” (google) about it, so I know there is a chance of getting pregnant from pre-cum.. and I’m so worried about this, of course at this point I won’t have many signs but I’ve been paying attention to everything that happens, and the only new-ish things are headaches/migraines, and feeling dizzy and nauseous, my discharge is white and clumpy, I’m not entirely sure what that means but it’s been like that since, my period should be starting soon, and I’m so nervous that I’ll miss it.. I’ve been waiting for any signs of it, like cramps and stuff..