Sciatic nerve pain

So I think I have sciatica or a pinched nerve in my hip, groin and booty area. It's annoooyyyiiinnnggggg. I can't even enjoy my wonderful date with my Hubby 😭

I just know if I'm sitting or walking for too long my lower back starts hurting. When I lay down my right booty cheek falls asleep.

My groin ooohhhhh my geez that shit hurt like a bih. Hurts to walk, hurt to put touch my thigh, hurts to criss cross apple sauce.. Hurts to even think about my groin hurting. (I pulled it in the 7th grade and never healed it properly)

I have no health insurance as of now soo that run to see that doctor is out of my budget. Anyone have any other remedies. This has happened to me before but it went away in a couple of days.. This shit been going on for a whole week if not longer 😭🤦🏽‍♀️