Pregnancy announcement gone wrong


Me and my fiance have been together for 4 years now. We're great, we dont really like celebrating holidays with family so most times its just us. Now this new years i decided to stop by at my moms house, for a few hours and then we planned on going home. Well we get there everything was great a few hours go by and we're getting ready to leave. I have 4 brothers they are have kids. As we were getting ready to leave they started to have shot for the new year and the offered on to my fiance everything was fine then they were trying to get me to take one i said no plenty of times and thats when i told everyone i was pregnant. The whole night my mom kept telling me to tell them but i didnt feel like i wanted to so when i did i was ok maybe things well be ok. When those words came out of my mouth no one said anything the only person that seemed to be genuinely happy was my younger brother he got up hugged me and even want to see the ultrasound pictures. I was happy until i noticed everyone else stayed quite. Then they let out a small congrats. While showing my younger brother the video i overheard one of my brothers wife say "well you need to be 12 weeks to be fine." ( im 11 weeks) she the repeated that a few more times and the stayed quite. When we left i was so hurt i told my fiance is was a bad idea we should have never came he agreed he felt very ashamed in how only one of my brothers had something nice to say.