Well fuck

So I fell over my dog. I wasn’t paying attention even though I knew her big ass was sleeping in the area I was walking and fell over her. I fell forward and landed flat on my stomach. My husband is refusing to take me in (this happened last night) and while I’ve felt movements there are significantly less. I’m so damn stressed now. 🙄🙄🙄 Luckily I have a doctors appointment tomorrow, unless he makes me miss it (I’ve only gotten to go to about half of them this pregnancy because of him)


Great suggestions on the Uber, however my husband believes in only cash and actually suspended my phone (hate that AT&T allows you to do it from the website) so literally all I could do is call an ambulance (my neighbor gave me his WiFi password a while back). And he doesn’t want me checked out because he never truly wanted this child to begin with. Once I can be self sufficient again I’m leaving him cause fuck this shit