I can’t stand my boyfriends mother. VENT

Sierra • Ftm💕 2/9/19

First of all, a girl needs to vent lol so sit down and get ready for a ride.

I’m expecting my first daughter, in February of this year. Tell me if I’m over reacting please. Seriously.

First of all, she wasn’t planned. By any means. I was on birth control, (the pill, I was not good at taking it but still lol). I wasn’t expecting to have a child yet in my life. And she keeps telling everyone that I planned to have my daughter. AS IF SHES THE MOM OR SOME WEIRDO SHIT. First of all, I was on BIRTH CONTROL. Why would I actively try for a child, while taking birth control. That’s just stupid. Don’t get me wrong I love my daughter more then ANYTHING in this world already. But she was not planned. She drives fucking me crazy.

She’ll come to my work place literally try to pull my pants down because “they’re too tight” for my baby to breathe. THEYRE LITERALLY MATERNITY LEGGINGS, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU MEAN. WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING MY PANTS. WE ARE NOT CLOSE LIKE THAT. MY OWN MOM DOESNT TOUCH ME LIKE THAT. Then gets butt hurt when I snap on her. Bitch bye.

It’s to the point I don’t even tell her the location of where I’m working in fear she’ll come and embarrass me. I work for a phone company . So with that being said I work in different stores around town all week long. And she came into a store, LOOKING FOR ME, and announced her self as “oh I’m the grandma of her unborn baby!” To one of my managers. It’s not a secret, but When my work didn’t even know I was pregnant, and I wanted to be the one to tell my employer, and wait till I was farther along, NOT THIS WHACK ASS MF TELL THEM.

Crazy right? Oh this ain’t nothing even yet baby.

She will message me to argue. About literally everything. We are not friends. I respect her as baby’s Grandma but all she does is say I’m wrong and she’s right. for example, we got into an argument about my newborn (who ISNT EVEN HERE YET) and the car seat. This lady really tried to tell me that the safest place for a baby is in the passenger seat of a car. Like Lol no it’s the backseat. Her argument is That her “doctor” said that’s true. Okay then why does the sun visor IN ALL CARS say no children are to be in the front seat under 12 years of age?? Or they weigh a certain weight?? And it’s enforced by LAW??(This is in my state it may be different for you). This all started because I told her she would not be putting my baby in the passenger seat of her busted ass Honda that her boyfriends mom gave her. Because the seat belts are broken in the back. She’s really testing me. Like I get she’s my boyfriends mom but she’s the most frustrating person I know and deal with.

She uses her oldest son who was born in the early 80s as an example of how it’s safe. Maybe in the 80s lady but it’s 2019 and I’m following laws and keeping my baby safe.

What makes me most mad is this women REALLY REALLLLLY TRIED IT. She said she wants to take my baby for a week when she’s born. I literally laughed in her face.

I made this child, carried her for 9 months, and you really, REALLY just asked to take my daughter from me for a week, mind you the FIRST week of her life, away from me? Bitch what the fuck? She literally needs my BOOB to live and eat. You’re wild as hell. And then she wants to get mad and butt hurt at me when I don’t want her in MY LABOR room while I give birth to my daughter. She’s mad I only want MY mom and baby’s dad in the room. No one else. She feels “left out” well that sucks lol it’s my birth my child and my decision. She’s like trying to control everything I do like YOURE NOT EVEN MY MOM. MY MOM ISNT EVEN ACTING LIKE THIS. And it’s my moms first grand baby. It’s her 5th like why is she acting so over bearing and acting like a actual psycho. She wants to come to every single one of my doctors appointments, I always tell her no lol.

I wanted to keep my daughters name hush hush until Birth but of course she blasts her name on everything, I wanted to be the first person to post my daughters ultrasound pictures, etc and she posts them all before me. She drives me fucking crazy, she’s over bearing.

This is just a few things that pisses me off.

She literally is so crazy I don’t ever want her babysitting my child cause I’m scared she’ll try to run away with her, not even over exaggerating. I just don’t even know what to do. If I don’t respond to her messages she will just blow me up over and over until I respond. I can’t handle it anymore. I’m on the edge of blocking her and just calling quits. I can’t handle this woman. And as for my boyfriend, he literally just ignores her and tells me to do the same. It’s kinda hard to do that when she’s commenting on literally EVERYTHING I post, making everything about her. I can’t stand this woman.

Thanks for letting me vent lol.