Chemical Pregnancy

Sooooo, I miscarried🙁

Back in November I found out I was expecting. I was super excited, I thought it was gonna be great.

Until I started what I thought was "implantation bleeding" that didn't stop. For a whole month. And it was emotional, it was fuckin awful. Not even gonna lie, for not being but only a few weeks and it just disappearing really hurt emotionally. Because I couldn't stop thinking how much I sucked as a person because I couldn't even carry my own child. I would get upset (still do, my depressions been on me since then.)

In December, 3 weeks after all that, I missed my period. So I tested, came back positive. I got excited once again.

It has LITERALLY not even but a week and a half since then, took another test tonight and it is negative.

I feel kinda stupid, upset and jealous of all the girls on my Facebook announcing pregnancies and so many of them admit to it being unplanned or a surprise. But uh, hey, when's it gonna actually, really be my turn?😢

I'm ready to give up, and just call it quits.