I’m broken...


Hey Ladies.... this might be long and you might not be able to understand fully but please read it and help. Or pray for us.

My name is Sam, I’m 21 years old and I met THE ONE at 19. He was 18, and we started dating. Fell in love quickly, and got engaged quicker. Within months we started living together in an apartment. We have a relationship with God and we knew that this was wrong, but wanted to do it anyways because we wanted to make sure this is what we wanted. We lived together for an exact year. I’ve never loved someone so much in my whole life.

Isn’t he just so handsome? He treats me perfectly. Everything i could’ve imagined God gave me. But i took him for granted. And I’m so mad at myself. Last Thursday we had gotten into a light argument. I said things i didn’t mean and vice Versa. He prayed about it and he said “God spoke to me. He told me that i needed to leave and get back on the path with him.” I was at work at this point, 6:30pm i get a very long message.

I. Broke. My heart shattered. I’ve went through some bad breakups. The last bad one was New Year’s <a href="https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glow.android.eve">Eve</a> 2017, i was left at church during a wedding with no way home because he wanted to hangout with his friends and i didn’t want to because i had a cold. 2015 my boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me 2 weeks before my 18th birthday, then a week later my grandma passed away and a day later my uncle did. I didn’t “FEEL” again for 3 years.

And this happens.

We’ve talked about it, i talk to him everyday because he says he loves me and wants to work things out. But right now we need to obey God. I’ve prayed everyday. Atleast 10 times. I’ve prayed for strength, patience and courage. I know God’s timing is always perfect, but i want my fiancé back.

I can’t stop crying, yesterday was better than today. But it all sucks. IT ALL SUCKS SOMEONE HELP ME IM BROKEN 😭🥺

whatever you believe in, God, Buddha all the God’s. If you believe in spiritual things please please pray, send good juju, cast a love spell. Something.

I’m going to continue to pray for us for as long as it takes.

But i need some extra prayers.

Thank you...