When did you stop breast feeding?


My LO is 3 months old now and I’ve been toying with the idea of no longer breast feeding. I’m having such a hard time with the decision. My son has not always wanted to nurse since birth and a lot of times I had to pump the feed and for a long time nursing was very painful and it he would suck my nipples raw where I couldn’t nurse for a couple days. I don’t want my baby to stop getting breast milk but I got a bad case of mastitis and my supply tanked and being that I’m back to work I don’t get to pump a lot maybe 2 times during my shift. So it’s not helping build up my supply. It’s starting to feel like I’m just pumping/ nursing but it’s not even enough for him and he still ends up getting mostly formula during the day. I just feel very defeated that my breast milk isn’t making a difference and it’s just become more of a hassle. I can tell he prefers my milk to formula which just makes it hard.

Plus I keep getting the feeling of mom shamed if I stop. I’m very torn I want my son to get all the nutrients he needs but I just feel like it’s more of a hassle at this point. I’m so torn about it that it makes me cry. Any advice on when you stopped and how your child handled it or tips to boost my supply back up.