Second job

Ladies, would you be okay with your husband not wanting you to work, and him picking up a second job?

My husband has a interview tomorrow for a second job that will be part-time. He’s works as a Personal Banker during the day. He makes okay money, but he wants extra money for savings, and to help pay for our 2.5 year old medical bills. Our daughter has high functioning autism, and I’m home with her during the day. Childcare is ridiculous, we don’t have anyone to watch her, take her to her therapies, and eventually back and forth to school starting next month. We got her into special education through our local public schools. She will only be in school for a few hours a day, for a couple days a week. Her schedule is crazy. My husband thinks that it’s better and easier for me to stay home, but I feel guilty that he will be working two jobs, and I won’t be. I told that I have absolutely no problem with finding something part-time in the evenings, but he’s not for it. He wants me home in the evenings, and with our daughter during the day. He prefers it this way, but I can’t help but feel guilty.

What would you do? Would you allow your husband to work a second part-time and continue to stay home, or try to convince him to let you work?